1. Bell & Bone Dog Dental Sticks Chicken Mint and Seaweed
Bell & Bone’s Adult Chicken, Mint and Seaweed Dental Sticks help support your dog’s overall oral health. Reducing plaque and tartar build-up with their unique 3-pronged shape to encourage chewing and abrasion, and with the support of two active ingredients.
Chicken is lean protein, providing ample energy and essential amino acids
Mint to freshen breath and support digestion
Seaweed naturally assists in the removal of plaque and tartar
What else makes Bell & Bone’s Dental Sticks different?
• Vet recommended
• Grain and filler free
• Actives to fight plaque and tartar
• Unique 3-pronged shape to promote chewing
• 7 sticks per bag
• Low in fat, low in calories

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