1. Advocate For Cats Over 4kg

Advocate is a premium monthly topical solution for cats, effectively treating and controlling various parasitic infections. This comprehensive treatment tackles heavy flea infestations, prevents re-infestation, and offers reliable protection against heartworm disease. It effectively treats and controls fleas, ear mites, hookworms, roundworms, and lungworms—parasites known for causing serious lung damage. Advocate plays a crucial role in protecting both cats and their human families from the detrimental effects of worms. Safe for kittens over 9 weeks, it contains imidacloprid and moxidectin. Imidacloprid targets fleas, causing paralysis and death, while moxidectin disrupts nerve transmission in heartworms and intestinal worms, leading to their elimination. Advocate also breaks the flea lifecycle by killing larvae and is water-resistant, ensuring lasting effectiveness.

Usage Instructions:
Before beginning treatment with this product, ensure you weigh your cat. To use, first take a single dose applicator tube from the packaging. Hold the tube upright and remove the cap. Invert the cap, placing its other end on the tube's tip, and twist to break the seal, then remove the cap. Next, part your cat's fur at the base of the head on the back of the neck until the skin is visible. Position the tube's tip on the exposed skin and apply all of the contents directly onto the skin. This treatment should be administered once a month for effective results.

Advocate for Cats is intended solely for animal use and must be kept away from children and other pets. It is important to prevent children from touching the application site for 30 minutes post-application and to stop other pets from grooming the treated cat to avoid ingestion of the product. Users should wash their hands thoroughly with soap and warm water after applying the treatment. This product is not suitable for use on sick, debilitated, underweight, or cats younger than 9 weeks of age. Additionally, its safety in breeding, pregnant, or lactating cats has not been established, hence should be avoided in these cases.

Suitable for: Cats over 4kg

100G/L Imidacloprid, 10 G/L Moxidectin.

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