1. Snooza Calming Multimat Silver Fox Dog Bed

The Australian Made Calming Multimat is an exceptionally versatile mat, perfect for a range of uses including crates, floors, cars, and vacations. Crafted from the same soothing, long-pile faux fur as our Calming Cuddler beds, it's especially effective for anxious pets who find comfort in snuggling into its soft fibres. Designed to snugly fit popular crate sizes, including the Snooza 2 in 1 Convertible Training Crate, it features a thick wadding interior made from recycled PET, securely enclosed in plush fabric and notched to stay in place. Additionally, hook & loop tabs are added at each corner to secure the mat to all Snooza Raised Beds, preventing any sliding. For convenience, the entire mat is fully machine washable. When pairing with our raised beds, simply select a Multimat one size larger than the bed – for instance, a medium Multimat for a small Original Dog Bed, and so on.

Sizing: Length x Width
Small: 61 x 43 cm
Crate Size: 23”
Snooza Raised Bed Size: n/a

Medium: 78 x 52 cm
Crate Size: 28”
Snooza Raised Bed Size: S

Large: 60 x 91 cm
Crate Size: 33.5”
Snooza Raised Bed Size: M

X Large: 109 x 72 cm
Crate Size: 42”
Snooza Raised Bed Size: L

Cover : Polyester Insert: Recycled Pet Wadding

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