1. Science Selective 4 years+ Rabbit Food 2kg

Science Selective 4+ for older rabbits is recommended by vets and provides a tasty balanced diet, formulated to support the specific needs of mature rabbits.
Science Selective 4+ has high levels of fibre (22%), to aid gut motility and is also low in sugar and protein to help prevent obesity in less active, older rabbits. With no added sugars and high fibre, it also helps to support healthy teeth.
Science Selective 4+ includes timothy hay and thyme to help stimulate the older rabbit’s appetite, helping to avoid age-related reluctance to feed. Other antioxidant ingredients, as well as linseed and Vitamin C help to support the immune system and a healthy skin and coat. Selective 4+ should always be fed alongside freely available fresh hay and water

Benefits of Extruded Pellets
- A unique crunchy texture that is irresistibly tasty without the need for added sugars
- High levels of short and long fibre, with natural prebiotics for optimum digestive wellbeing
- Bigger portion sizes for the same calorific content to promote active chewing and help maintain weight
- Fortified and stabilised vitamins and minerals that are easier for pets to digest

Crude protein 12.0%, Crude fibre 22.0%, Crude oils and fats 4.0%, Crude ash 8.0%, Calcium 0.6%, Sodium 0.3%, Phosphorus 0.4%.

Lucerne Meal (Alfalfa), Soybean Hulls, Timothy Hay (20%), Wheat, Wheatfeed, Linseed, Flaked Peas, Thyme (Min. 1%), Monocalcium Phosphate, Salt, Calciumcarbonate, Spinach, Bilberry, Milk Thistle Seeds, Mayflower Berries, Green Tea Extract, Grape Seed Extract, Ginkgo Extract.

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