1. Nina Ottosson Wobble Bowl Interactive Food and Treat Dog Toy Level 1
Introduce your dog to the Wobble Bowl, a dual-purpose puzzle feeder that entertains and slows down mealtime. Start by filling it with kibble or treats, shaking it to distribute the food, and then secure the lid. Encourage your dog to nudge the bowl to release the treats, with the transparent lid adding visual incentive. Increase the challenge by covering some openings with tape. It's designed for all dogs and serves to reduce unwanted behaviors by keeping them mentally stimulated. Play together to teach them the game and strengthen your bond. Made from safe, non-toxic materials, the Wobble Bowl is also easy to clean. Ensure it's not used as a chew toy, inspect for damage, and always supervise playtime. Once done, store it away until the next fun and feeding session.

Size: Diameter 28.5 cm, height 10 cm

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