1. Nina Ottosson Multipuzzle Interactive Treat Puzzle Dog Toy Level 4

Discover a delightful way to enrich your dog's day with the Nina Ottosson Treat Puzzle Game. It's simple to use: tuck your dog's preferred snacks under the outer tray sliders and hide them with the center covers. Encourage your furry friend to slide and spin to find their prize. Ideal for canines accustomed to puzzle games, it suits dogs of all breeds and sizes with refined motor skills. To prevent overly eager paws, elevate the game for a nose-only search. For an extra challenge, freeze a mix of canned meat and water within the compartments. This game not only stimulates your dog’s brain but also deters destructive behavior and strengthens your bond through playful interaction. Use it to turn mealtime into an adventure while ensuring safe play with its BPA-free construction. Cleaning is a breeze—just wash with warm soapy water after use. Though it's not for chewing, with regular inspection and supervised play, the MultiPuzzle is the perfect blend of nutrition and mental stimulation, ensuring your dog stays as sharp as they are sated. Keep boredom at bay, curb mischief, and deepen your connection with this engaging puzzle game.


Size: 37.7 cm x 37.7 cm x 4.7 cm 

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