1. Nina Ottosson Dog Twister Interactive Treat Puzzle Dog Toy Level 3
The Nina Ottosson Dog Twister is an engaging dog puzzle that serves as a fun and challenging activity for dogs of all ages, sizes, and breeds, including those ready to graduate from Level 1 and 2 games. It offers a Level 3 challenge that promotes mental stimulation by encouraging dogs to uncover hidden treats through a series of sliding panels locked by white handles for an added layer of difficulty. Ideal for independent play, the Twister can also be used as a frozen puzzle with treats set in ice, perfect for cooling down or keeping energetic dogs entertained for longer periods. It's important to supervise your dog to prevent them from chewing on the puzzle, guide them in how to use it, and play together to strengthen bonds. The puzzle is easy to clean with soapy water and is designed to be a rewarding way to keep your dog's mind sharp and focused.

Size: Diameter 26 cm x height 4.5 cm

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