1. Nina Ottosson Dog Smart Composite Interactive Treat Puzzle Dog Toy Level 1
Discover the Nina Ottosson Dog Smart puzzle, a treat-hiding game that combats boredom and reduces destructive behavior in dogs of all ages, sizes, and breeds. Boasting a real-wood appearance, this durable composite puzzle stands up to vigorous play without the risk of splintering. It's an excellent introductory toy to get your dog accustomed to puzzles, offering a fun mealtime alternative as it can hold both wet and dry kibble. Designed as a Level 1 challenge, it's perfect for easing your dog into the world of cognitive games. Simply fill the compartments with treats, cover them with pegs, and adjust the difficulty level to suit your dog's experience. Engage in play with your dog to teach them how to solve the puzzle, ensuring to supervise and prevent chewing. Cleaning is hassle-free; just hand wash with soapy water after use.

Size: Diameter 23 cm, height 6 cm

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