1. Nina Ottosson Dog Hide N' Slide Interactive Treat Puzzle Dog Toy Level 2
The Dog Hide N' Slide by Nina Ottosson is a dynamic treat dispensing game designed to alleviate boredom and engage dogs of all breeds, sizes, and ages. This durable game features built-in play pieces that stay put during play, offering a rewarding challenge as dogs learn to unveil the treats hidden within. With a Level 2 difficulty, it encourages problem-solving and provides a unique training opportunity. To play, owners can place treats in the compartments, cover them with swivel flippers, and then encourage their dog to discover the hidden rewards. For added fun, especially in warm weather or for energetic dogs, the game can be filled with a mixture of wet food and water and then frozen. Playing together is encouraged, always under supervision to prevent chewing. Cleaning is straightforward—simply hand wash after removing treats. This game is a perfect combination of entertainment, brain engagement, and treat-discovery for your canine companion.

Size: 33 cm x 33 cm x 5 cm

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